Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Filter


  1. Compact and light weight
  2. UV resistant tank
  3. Heavy duty ring-lock lid allows easy cleaning and replacement of the cartridge element
  4. Screw type air bleeder for easy removal of trapped air inside the filter tank
  5. High quality oil filled pressure gauge for easy inspection of the operation pressure
  6. Application to domestic swimming pool & spa


Maximum Working Pressure   250kPa /36psi/2.5bar

Maximum Water Temperature   0oC (104oF)

Cartridge Filter

Size Valve Connections Max Flow Rate
CF25 1.5Inch 50mm 92lpm   5.5m3/h
CF50 1.5Inch 50mm 190lpm   11.4m3/h
CF75 1.5Inch 50mm 283lpm   17.0m3/h
CF100 2Inch 63mm 382lpm   22.9m3/h
CF150 2.0Inch 63mm 555lpm   33.4m3/h
CF200 2.0Inch 63mm 680lpm   40.9m3/h

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