Swimming Pool

Wide range in Swimming Pool related products

  • Pole And Hose

    Poles With Grip Lock

    Compact blowers for air or gas, pressure or vacuum with motors from 1 to 2 Hp (0.75 to 1.5 kW

    Code Model No. Descripton
    88050501 CE132 2 x 2.4m Aluminium Telescopic Pole
    88050502 CE133 2 x 3m Aluminium Telescopic Pole
    88050503 CE134 2 x 3.5m Aluminium Telescopic Pole
    88050504 CE135 2 x 4m Aluminium Telescopic Pole
    88050505 CE136 2 x 1.8m Aluminium Telescopic Pole


    Code Model No. Descripton
    88050604 CE154 29ft (9m) Flexible Vacuum Hose
    88050601 CE155 36ft (11m) Flexible Vacuum Hose
    88050602 CE156 42ft (13m) Flexible Vacuum Hose
    88050603 CE157 49ft (15m) Flexible Vacuum Hose

    Durable Flexi Hose

    Emaux offers the most advanced swimming pool maintenance hoses. Suitable for residential and commercial.

    The hoses come with a swivel vac head cuff, and are available in the most popular lengths.

    Code Model No. Descripton
    CE160 88050608 38mm X 30ft (9.1m) Durable Hose
    CE161 88050609 38mm X 35ft (10.7m) Durable Hose
    CE162 88050610 38mm X 40ft (12.2m) Durable Hose
    CE163 88050611 38mm X 45ft (13.7m) Durable Hose
    CE164 88050612 38mm X 50ft (15.2m) Durable Hose
  • Hand Skimmer And Brush

    Venturi Vacuum

    Code Model No. Descripton
    88050305 CE303 Venturi Vacuum Head with 3 x 0.6M Pole

    Hand Skimmer and Leaf Rake

    Code Model No. Descripton
    88050101 CE101 Hand Skimmer & Leaf Rake
    88050102 CE102 Standard Hand Skimmer
    88050103 CE105 Economy Hand Skimmer

    Plastic Brushes

    Code Model No. Descripton
    88050201 CE201 18” Plastic Brush
    88050202 CE202 9” Plastic Brush
    88050203 CE203 14” Plastic Brush

    Stainless Steel Algae Brushes

    Code Model No. Descripton
    88050204 CE204 9” Stainless Steel Algae Brush
    88050205 CE205 14”Stainless Steel Algae Brush
    88050206 CE206 18” Stainless Steel Algae Brush
  • Vaccum, Thermometer And Test Kit

    Pool Vacuum Head

    Code Model No. Descripton
    88050301 CE301 14” Flexible Pool Vacuum head
    88050302 CE302 Economy Vinyl Liner Vacuum head
    88050303 CE303 Deluxe Vinyl Liner Vacuum head
    88050304 CE304 19” Flexible Pool Vacuum head


    Code Model No. Descripton
    88050401 CE401 Floating Thermometer
    88050402 CE402 Standard Thermometer

    Chemical Dispenser

    Code Model No. Descripton
    88050701 CE50 Standard Chemical Dispenser
    • Filter
    • Backwash
    • Rinse
    • Closed

    Test Kit

    Code Model No. Descripton
    88050702 CE029 Test Kit for pH & Chlorine
    05011029 CE029-pH Red pH Solution Bottle for CE029
    05011030 CE029-OTO Yellow OTO Solution Bottle for CE029
    88050724 CE030 4 in 1 Water Testing Kit with OTO Solution
    88050728 CE031R pH & OTO Solution Bottle Set
    05011029 CE032R 2 in 1 Test Kit
    05011025 CE031-pH Red pH Solution Bottle for CE029/CE032
    05011026 CE031-OTO Yellow OTO Solution Bottle for CE030/CE032